Dear Mr. Time
Dear Mr. Time

Dear Mr. Time

Dear Mr. Time,

It’s been a while. Recent years haven’t been kind, but I’m grateful for the time. A time for me to write to you this letter, my dear old friend.

How have you been faring amidst all this? For me, it has been a struggle. I recall when all we had to worry about was when will the sun come down or when will we see each other again. We were the best of friends back then. You were always there, a shoulder to cry on, an ear willing to listen, a hand to help.

The moment we step into high school, everything was a mess. I can’t remember a day when everything was simple and easy, torn between school, relationships, and expectations. We were cold for years! And I realized how cruel I was to you. Can you accept an apology after all these years?

It wasn’t until college when things are a little clearer. Albeit University work has tripled, it was actually at this phase of my life when I realize how important friends, family, and time is. The day I was handed that blasted piece of paper of hard work and tears, I swear I could hear your cheer amidst the sea of people. I never get to tell you how my heartbeat wildly on my chest when I ran towards you and you embraced me.

An embrace I would always remember.

The following days were the best that we had. Its freedom. For a short while.

An unexpected visitor arrived. Reality came barging through our small bubble. And there is nothing I could do to stop it. Did you know it was one of the arduous days of my life? Those days when you left me?

I had to relearn everything I knew about life. Turn out that no matter how old you are, you still won’t get the hang of disappointments and failures. Enduring it without you was tough. But I had to live on since it was the memory of your embrace that kept me going. It was a reminder that soon, after all of this is over. I get to see you, my dear friend. Someday, we will have all the fun that we wanted.

It has been years since I last saw you.

The day I wrote to you about the man I have fallen in love with, I was but a giddy girl. And after all these years of waiting for you. You finally came back on the day of my wedding. I was delighted, and I cried happy tears.

That was the last time I saw you.

You still send me letters, which I was happy to read, but that has stopped these recent years.

Why haven’t you written back?….

Mr. Time, I wish you were here to see my family….

Mr. Time, I wish you were here holding my hand…

Mr. Time, my days are growing quite dim. My hair has turned white, my hands are wrinkled, and I couldn’t even stop shaking while writing to you.

Mr. Time, I’ve met a new friend. His name is death, and I’ve grown quite fond of him. It was also him who told me to write a letter to you, dear old friend, one last time.

Mr. Time, I’m leaving now, but on my last day, I wish for you to know that you are still my friend, even if you’re not here with me anymore.

Be happy. Maybe, we’ll finally get the time to have the fun that we have wanted.

Yours truly,

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