String Of Stories
About Us

About Us

We are a group of siblings dedicated to writing these stories. Sharing our passions and tying the world with our imagination.

We would describe our stories like different rhymes coming together to form a colorful harmony.

After all, a world without stories is chaos


We write to show reality from a different perspective and marvel at the simple things in life.

We try our best to give them life and a lesson. To stitch the world up with our inspiring tales

For us to express our feelings and tell untold stories to a world where truth is being hidden

To share the deepest human nature and hide it in stories

But most of all, we write to implant a part of our soul to those who read our writings.

And to see that fantasy is not so different from our reality.


For our stories to be made into something unexpected.

to share our stitches of tales throughout the world for people to experience.

to capture the essence of storytelling.

to freely put into life the scrambled up words inside our imaginative mind

and to create a community of creative writers, new and old.